East Stroudsburg University Transfer Partnership

OG真人官网 and ESU transfer partnership

Transfer Partnership with East Stroudsburg University offers OG真人官网 program grads the best of all worlds

Thanks to a new partnership with East Stroudsburg University, all AA and AS OG真人官网 graduates are guaranteed admission to ESU with significant scholarships offered, up to $6,000 a year. 

ESU is already the top college transfer destination for OG真人官网 students, with more than 300 graduates each year enrolling at ESU. What makes this partnership even more compelling is that OG真人官网 students thrive once they arrive at ESU. Students who earn a two-year degree at OG真人官网 before attending ESU, graduate at a higher rate than other ESU students and they graduate more quickly than their peers who did not attend OG真人官网!

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Partnership Highlights

  • Guaranteed admission for students transferring with AA/AS degree (and minimum of 2.0 GPA)
  • AAS degree -limited basis and with course alignment
  • Degree at OG真人官网 satisfies all general education requirements at ESU
  • Students will be awarded full junior standing (will not be required to complete more than 60 credits to earn a 120-credit degree)
  • Grades of D or better will be accepted for transfer
  • Students will be eligible for ESU Warrior Scholarships based on GPA ($2,000-6,000/per year)
  • If OG真人官网 student transfers without degree but with 60 credits or more – ESU will coordinate with OG真人官网 to do “Reverse Transfer”
  • Tuition discount for OG真人官网 employees through ESU’s API Tuition Discount program (~10%)

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OG真人官网 & ESU Clear Path Scholarship Program

Another great opportunity with ESU is the Clear Path Scholarship Program. If you are a current OG真人官网 student interested in pursuing a degree at ESU in one of their STEM fields, you can apply for the Clear Path Scholarship and receive up to  $5,200/year ($10,400 total)  in scholarship funds while at OG真人官网. Additionally, the Clear Path scholarship provides students with a tremendous opportunity to build relationships with the ESU STEM community while at OG真人官网. Learn more here.

Discover the OG真人官网 to ESU transfer pathways in our Health Sciences programs