OG真人官网 is pleased to be a partner organization in one of PA’s most successful incumbent worker training programs.  The Workforce & Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA) Guaranteed Free Training program allows businesses to determine their training needs and reimburses them for conducting it.  With recent program enhancements, it has never been easier to acquire the training your full-time PA employees need most.

  • Streamlined process: ONE application, training plan and contract make taking advantage of this program easier than ever.
  • Employer driven: YOU choose the company training method (offsite, onsite or online) and trainer (vendor, a WEDnetPA partner or your qualified in-house trainer).
  • Companies can apply for up to $100k (with a maximum reimbursement of  up to $2000 per eligible employee)
  • WEDnet PA funding is available to companies for 2 out of 3 years in a row and 3 out of ​5-year increments.

To learn if your company is eligible, visit 

and to apply for the ‘2022-‘2023 plan year click here  

If you have applied in the past, simply login to your WEDnet PA dashboard at

View Flyer (PDF)

If you have questions or would like assistance assessing your training needs, feel free to contact Denise Holub at or 610-861-4158 for assistance.