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What programs or courses can I take?

  • The VA will certify VA-approved programs. Students may speak with the SCO or their academic advisors to check if their program is VA-approved.
  • The VA will certify classes that are a part of the students program map. Classes that are required to progress within the program.
  • The VA will only certify remedial courses if taken in-person.

Can I retake a class to improve my GPA?

  • Students may repeat a course and receive VA payment for it if the student received an “F” or “W” grade on the original attempt. EXCEPTION: When a class is required for a major and must be passed with a certain grade level to progress, the VA will pay for the class to be repeated.
  • The VA will only pay education benefits one time for courses in which grades of A, B, or C are earned. A course in which a D grade is received can be repeated only if a C grade or better is required by the college. The VA may pay one time to repeat a course in which an F grade is received, unless mitigating circumstances existed to cause the failure.

What should I do if I am failing a class?

Throughout the semester the SCO will evaluate student's mid-semester progress. If the student is identified as one who would benefit from additional assistance the student will be provided resources and additional services. All students must meet the academic satisfactory progress standard.

When will I know if I must return funds to the VA?

  • The VA requires that benefits received for courses in which "W" grades were assigned must be returned to the VA, unless documented mitigating circumstances for the withdrawal can be proven. These may include but are not limited to call to active duty or training; illness of the veteran; illness or death of a family member of the veteran; unavoidable change in veteran's work schedule; unavoidable change in veteran's job location.
  • The VA will advise the school and the veteran of the obligation for repayment and may recoup those funds from the veteran from a future education claim.

How do I apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE)? Where can I request my DD214?

  • You may apply for the GI Bill and related benefits (Certificate of Eligibility) (COE) through
  • You may request your military service records (including DD214) through

How do I receive VA funding?

How do I verify my attendance with the VA?

Please refer to to review how you will verify your attendance.

When should I contact the VA?

  • Certificate of Eligibility from VA, the student can contact the VA Education Line, at 1-888-4551 or the SCO.
  • For matters with specific payments or bank accounts, the student needs to contact the VA directly through their VA Education Benefits phone number, 1-888-442-4551.
  • Direct deposit authorizations can be initiated at the time of application. To update, change or add direct deposit information call: 1-877-838-2778.

Where can I find up-to-date information about being a military-affiliated student?

After a student is identified as military-affiliated in Workday the student will be added to the Adult & Military-Affiliated Student Services Blackboard page. This page will be the go-to spot for all policies, events, activities, and more.

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